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  • Vortex Optics Viper HD 10×42 Hunting Binoculars

This bad boy is the first in our list as it stands out best in durability and performance combined. In the hunting industry these are easily the best binoculars hunters use. The magnification level is 10x and Vortex Optics Viper has a wide field for view, therefore, spotting targets from a long distance is easily manageable with these binoculars. Durability wise these binoculars win as they can easily withstand brutal conditions, they are so durable and that these maybe the only binoculars you would ever own unless you get bored of it and would like to try another one. To build up more on durability the optics viper are also waterproof and hence can be used underwater which is not a very common feature in binoculars, furthermore,  these are fog proof to give a clearer image. The O-ring seal immunes this from mud and dirt and these come with a lifetime warranty. Performance wise, it also has some effective features for e.g. extra-low dispersion glass which gives a magnificent resolution and accurate color representation even in darker areas. These hunting binoculars come with few accessories like a rain guard, carry case, lens cover and neck strap, however, with all this in a binocular it tends to get pricey and not very cost effective.

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  • Vortex Optics Diamondback 10×42 Binoculars

The only reason that this binocular is a runner up is because it doesn’t have the optics viper’s HD optics, other than that this possesses all the fine qualities and features of optics viper. These binoculars are also waterproof and fog proof with enhanced durability, this also make the image clearer so that the hunter can see the target with utmost clarity. The 10x magnification enhances visualizing targets which even from far away. One of the best feature of these binoculars Is that these comes with a lifetime warranty. The O-ring protects these binoculars from dirt and filth. The eyepieces are adjustable to people with glasses and this comes with accessories such as lens covers and carry case. Moreover, this comes in a rubber body which provides excellent grip to the hunters.

  • Nikon Prostaff 7s 16003 Binoculars for Hunting

Functionally these Nikon binoculars are extremely good, the visual seen through these Prostaff 7s has enhanced clarity and accuracy, and therefore, qualities like these are perfect for usage of binoculars in hunting as well as hiking and birding. Some other qualities includes Nikon phase correction coated roof prisms and the 10×42 the multi-layer coated lenses. These are extremely comfortable for people who wear glasses. Eyecups of these binoculars are coated in rubber and can be move up and down, left and right to adjust to your own specific need. These sets of binoculars are wrapped with rubber which provides a comfortable grip even during rain and the rubber quality is extremely good, therefore, the user do not have to worry about it getting damaged. These Nikon binoculars come with a 25 years warranty and are not too expensive.