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What are shotgun kits?

As a proud shotgun owner, the most useful equipment I have for my shotgun is the shotgun cleaning kit, specifically Sage & Braker Shotgun Cleaning Kit. Many novices don’t know the fact that the more shotgun you use the more it requires to be cleaned, hence, it has its specific cleaning kits with all the necessary tools you need to scrap the dirt off or clean your shotgun. If you don’t clean you shotgun regularly it can have a severe adverse effect on its efficiency, accuracy, regular malfunctioning and even jamming the shotgun at some point.

In order to avoid such disastrous things to happen to your shotgun every shotgun owner must have a shotgun cleaning kit with him at all cost as it cleans the shotgun effectively and increases the overall performance and life of the shotgun.

I first got to know about shotgun kits through David who is a great friend of mine and he possess vast knowledge on guns and the allied equipment. I told him that my father owned a shotgun which is now being passed on to me and he immediately introduced me to shotgun cleaning kits and recommended me Sage & Braker Shotgun Cleaning Kit. Even though I was lucky enough to be recommended a great shotgun kit, many people get caught in a dilemma that which shotgun kit to purchase as they come in all shapes and sizes, therefore, I have given details of the top 2 shotgun kits in the market to make things easy for you.

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  • Sage & Braker Shotgun Cleaning Kit

As I mentioned before, this was a recommendation by David who is a pro in matters like these and to say that I have had any problems using this cleaning kit for my shotgun would be false as I truly adore it. This shotgun kit is an excellent choice for novices as it is user friendly due to it being simple and basic to utilize. Through this shotgun kit you will get a bronze brush along with 25-inch buffing rope, however, it doesn’t come with a cleaning rod. To get rid of the dirt, you stick the brush to the rope and then in the bore of the gun, then you push it in and out to remove dirt and curd; you can use your favorite lube as well to lubricate the shotgun in the same manner. It is simple but extremely effective and fully serves its purpose.

  • Hoppe’s SGO12B Clamshell

This shotgun kit is specifically designed for 12 gauge shotguns, so if you own one this is the best cleaning kit available in the market. HOPPE has an excellent reputation when it comes to guns’ cleaning supplies. This shotgun kit has an excellent quality and comes with every tool you require for cleaning of your shotgun, this is even inclusive of a cleaning rod. The brush has many bristles which are more than enough to remove the dirt from your shotgun. It also comes with a solvent which does a great job of dissolving the dirt and removing it later by the brush as mentioned above.

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