Virus & Threats

Viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other computer threats are commonly confused with each other because they often cause related damage. Viruses have been in the region longer than the others, and as a result the term “virus” is commonly but mistakenly used to refer to all of them. Here are some unique characteristics:


Protect your Data against Virus

  • Always use Malware Removal Software.
  • Defend Your Computer from illegal Access.
  • Shield Your Computer from unlawful Access.
  • Maintain Your Operating Systems by regularly Updating.
  • Know What You’re Installing.
  • Restrict pop-up ads.

How Virus will Spread ?

  • Work mutely, with no evident sign of its existence.
  • Stay latent originally and start later at a precise time or when you perform a certain action.
  • Obliterate or damage your files.
  • Send copies to all your emails contact, potentially infecting them as well
  • Disable your antivirus software.
  • Avert you from using your browser to download virus removal tools
  • Get access of your keystrokes and steal credit card numbers and passwords when you make purchases or bank online.
  • Take control your browser and take you to Web sites where you may be fooled into entering personal information such as account passwords.
  • Take control your processor and use it maliciously or commercially, making you appear to be the perpetrator.