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With the increase in the use of internet, there are many opportunity for criminals to trawls for scams and fraud and fill their shell with your money and information. These are insincere way to seek advantage of unsuspecting people to gain a benefit (such as money, or access to personal details). They often trawl through spam and bogus messages there are many people who try to trick you into giving over confidential information so that they can steal from you. It is a bitter- truth, but when you’re using the internet, you have to be on your guard. Nonetheless you shouldn’t let this dampen you from surfing in the web or even purchasing products on the web. You just have to be aware of what you’re doing and be awake of what you read on the internet. A wise saying is- If it really seems just too good to be true, it not mandatory it will be! Because of the miscalculation that can be made with starting an online business, many people choose to leave or think that online businesses are just a scam.

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online scams

However it will not be wrong to say that not using internet cautiously is like taking the bulls by their horns. Here are few scams you need to aware about so that you think multiple time while letting you in the trap of scammer.
  • Surprising prize scams- Congratulations, you have won an iPod, laptop etc
  • Unexpected money scams- Update your account information of your bank account or other financial site by clicking the link on the email takes you to a fake site that seem alike your banks, but is really a front that will steal your account information and then your money
  • Dating or romance scams -they play on emotional trigger to get you to provide money, gifts or personal details.
  • Threats and extortion scams- Threat and exaction scams include ‘ransom ware’, ‘malware’ and ‘hit man’ scams.
  • Jobs and savings scams – Often these scams promise a high income for little work but ask for an up-front payment before starting work.

How to avoid Scams ?

  • Never Give Out Your Email Password
  • Always Use Strong Passwords
  • Don’t get anything from an email You didn’t ask for
  • Think twice before applying for Job Postings That Look Too Good
  • Never Give Out Your Personal Information or Social Security Number
  • Always aware about Modern Browser’s Security Features
  • Ignore Web Site Pop-up’s Saying You Have a Virus

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