We want to mention here that Norton power eraser is a tool which is meant for removing the malware and threats from your PC. You can use this tool to scan your computer for available viruses if any. This tool is compatible with all the Norton products. If you want to run your computer in safe mode, then use this tool.

Norton Antivirus Support Number

This tool is easily available online and you can download it easily without any problem. There is no need to install this tool manually. It will automatically get configured into your computer. For more help, you can call at Norton Internet Security Support Number +1-844-947-4746 given on the page.

If you are using windows 7, 8 or Vista in your computer, then you can use this tool but if you are a Mac users, then it is not available for you.

This tool uses destructive methods to remove and detect the threats. Moreover, there are chances that it may remove some legitimate programs from your computer. So it is recommended to go through the scan results page before deleting them.

How to download the Tool

Download Norton power eraser and click on ‘Save’.
Select the location for your Tool to get it stored. Select computer as a destination.
Click on NPE.Exe file to run the tool.
If you have been prompted by the account window, then click on ‘Yes’ after reading the user agreement.

Norton power tool will check for updates if available any and start downloading automatically.

How to run a scan

Click on ‘Scan Risk’ option from the Norton power window.
The Norton tool will start scanning the system but before starting the scanning, you need to restart your system first.
If you want to Skip the Rootkit scan, then you need to go to Eraser tool settings followed by a system restart.
Wait for completion of scanning.

Meanwhile, if you are getting any problem with your system after scanning it, then you can take assistance from us by calling at Norton Antivirus Support Number. If you want to know more about our services visit our website:

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