Free Antivirus

No matters if you are using a college laptop, home desktop computer, or that terminal at your office, the use of a PC is part of life today. Unluckily, so are computer viruses Lack of inclusive Protection. While using a free antivirus program, you’re only getting a basic level of protection for your computer. But when it comes to protection for your devices, finances and identity online, low-end security just isn’t good enough. You need speed and reliability. Some overzealous, less intellectual security solutions block things that shouldn’t be blocked or slow users down with unvarying. Here are few Disadvantages of a Free Antivirus Program.

Disadvantages of Free Antivirus

Considering how reasonable antivirus programs are, it doesn’t mean that to save few bucks; choose a free program just to save a bit of money. Before you make your decision on free antivirus how you’ll protect your computer, you should learn about the disadvantages of a free antivirus program.
  • Lack of complete Protection- while using free antivirus program, you’re only getting a basic level of protection for your computer.
  • Frequent upgrade issues
  • Various Ads
  • Lack of Customer Support
  • Inferior Scanning Performance
  • Slower Scans
  • Sharing Your Data It’s likely, but to be sure, you need to read the print in the terms and conditions. It’s a way that the creator of the free antivirus program makes money, Inferior Scanning Performance, Slower Scans.
It’s a wise saying that “you get what you pay for” applies to antivirus programs just like it does to other types of products. Probably your computer is an important part of your life.  Along with entertainment, or to stay connected in social sites, many also use their computers for business. The bottom line is that you need your computer running properly, and you don’t want cyber criminals burglarizing your information. Before, you make your choice for free ant viruses for protecting your computer do keep disadvantages of free antivirus in your mind. Well Norton provides you with 100% protection for your PC, Mac or other software’s, you can go for it. Though both free and paid-for anti-virus products have the same software components and offer same level of protection, and it’s not it’s not effective .But paid versions offer some astonishing features, which can include shield against potentially harmful websites, email protection, anti-spam, and a firewall and from other malware. There can be other benefits are also there too, such as automatic updates and free Technical Support.