If your Norton antivirus gives you a Norton error during quick scanning your system. Due to technical issues in the operating system, you might interrupt while scanning, it is enough annoying to feel frustrated. Norton is being famous for protecting Personal computer often occurs that its users face technical issues with scan. In order to get rid of such issues and errors like Norton error during a quick scan, it is vital to follow certain steps and check the symptoms why Norton quick scan error occurs.

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How to be assured about Norton error during quick scan?

If you see a dialogue box on your System, stating ‘You are at Risk Error Message’.
If you’re quick scan is not completing successfully.
If you find your scanning is stopped and not scanning the other files.
If Chances of server is being temporarily down.
If your Personal computer is already facing trouble due to virus and other malicious programs which can be the cause for blocking of scanning.
If your System is not updated with the latest version.

How to fix Norton error during quick scan?

To fix the Norton error during quick scan, perform below steps:

Restart your computer by exiting all the open programs.
Once restarted your computer, Run full system scan.
Open and Start Norton and go to main window.
Click on Security option and then click on Scan.
Select ‘Full System Scan’ and Click on Go.
Once the scan is done, click on Finish button.
In case the Norton internet security error during scan has occurred due to failed update, you need to follow below steps:
Restart the computer
If the option ‘Run a Scan’ is not visible, then uninstall and reinstall Norton using Norton Removal and Reinstall tool.
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If you are still unable to fix the problem, then feel free to call the Norton technical support expert by dealing +1-844-947-4746, here you will get the best and instant Norton support solution as a set of few clicks only.

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