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Today, we are talking about Dinnerly, which is a meal kit delivery service, focusing on giving you the best meal kit delivery service without getting you bankrupt. One latest update about Dinnerly is that they do not send the recipe cards, instead, you got to download the Dinnerly app and there you have all the access to the recipes provided and the recipes that you have ordered. The Dinnerly free box offers the cheapest discounts via Dinnerly Promo code. Subscribe to the Dinnerly newsletter and sign up to the email notifications to have the latest updates and happenings about the store at Dinnerly.

Dinnerly Review – The Cheapest Meal Kit Service in Town…

Before opening the box, you can see a few instructions on it that tells you the step by step procedure to unbox the Dinnerly free box or meal kit (whatever you call it). Another great thing about this meal kit service is the Dinnerly packaging. Everything is already sorted and graded so you do not need to spend hours doing that, while saving you a lot of time doing groceries.

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Each week, you get a list of sixteen recipes and you got choose according to your taste and preferences. Also, you can pick you delivery date and ship all of your ingredients to your doors. However, instead of putting the recipe cards inside the box, the Dinnerly free box save the cost and send it to you via email. This is easier than the actual cards, since mobile is handier to everyone than a piece of paper while you are cooking. Make sure that you take a look at your email and take a look at all of the recipes for future reference.

What I ordered from Dinnerly was Philly cheeseburger with oven fries and the crispy buffalo tortelloni with Spanish salad & ranch dressing and at last I ordered the pan-roasted chicken with mesh potatoes and herb. All of the three recipes came in a box which is generally regarded as “family-box” at Dinnerly.

You get to choose your own date, time and recipe and get it delivered. The Dinnerly comes with all the fresh ingredients sorted and graded enclosed in a box. Initially I tried the cheeseburger and what I like about Dinnerly was:

  • How easy the whole process was. The whole six step process was easy and made it easy. So, if you are looking for a way to cook at home, this is the best suggestion that I got for you.
  • If you are looking for expanding your recipe book or something you haven’t cooked before, then you should give it a go.
  • The Dinnerly provides a really balanced meal, so if you are looking for a balance among all the nutrients (proteins, carbs, vitamins) then this is what you should be ordering from.
  • You can also get the discounts using Dinnerly coupons and promo codes and get the cheap meal kits for the whole week.